Sunday, July 27, 2014

In print for the first time, and a free run!

Hey there, sistahs!

Great news on a couple fronts. For the first time ever, one of my books is now available in print form! My non-erotic suspense novel, Kari Okay, is finally proofed and approved and available wherever bookstores (online or otherwise) are cool enough to carry me.

In preparing Kari Okay for print, I made over 100 improvements to the text, and then used that to create a second edition of the eBook version, which is also available now. The print version is a cute little 8"x5" thing that runs around 260 pages, so I'm sure those of you who enjoy print will appreciate it.

As for the eBook version, I have some news there, too, beyond the new second edition version now being available. I was prepared to publish Kari Okay wide on other platforms this summer, but when I decided to issue the print version, I decided to celebrate it all for my loyal Amazon fans.

So, the eBook is now in a program called MatchBook, which means if you're kind enough to buy the print version of Kari Okay, you'll get the eBook version at a steep discount: only $0.99!

I've also dropped the price of the eBook a buck to only $3.99 as it's regular price.

And coming up, on August 1st through 5th, I'll be running another Free promotion on the eBook version, so you'll have another chance to snatch it up without having to spend a penny. So if you're looking to save some shekels, there's your tip.

So, lots of things happening with Kari Okay right now, and if you're all good and well-behaved sistahs, maybe I'll unleash my next release on you all soon. I don't have another non-erotic title up my sleeve just yet, but you might want to be on the lookout for a return to the sexy-time fun you've loved me for in the past.

Probably a short or two, in the short term.

Hugs and deep kisses!


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