Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cover Reveal: Hanukkah Bliss

The cover for HANUKKAH BLISS uses a photo
© Sergei Preobrazhensk - licensed through Fotolia.com.
Cover design by Sarah Salari.

Finally, it can be revealed! This is the cover for HANUKKAH BLISS, the second release under my Jaz JimĂ­nez Holiday Seductions series. When Jaz meets Rivka, a foreign exchange student from Israel, while crossing the campus of Utah State, she faces her biggest challenge to date: seducing a straight, devoutly religious young woman.

This Holiday Seduction is complete in this one volume, but will be followed by other seductions in the series. Written in the same slow-build, erotic romance style as VIRGIN BLISS and THANKSGIVING BLISS, Amazon Top 20 Erotica author Sarah Salari returns with her latest seductive tale of two girls in lust.

Look for HANUKKAH BLISS, an erotic lesbian romance novelette ~14,700 words (~42 pages) in length, available exclusively on Amazon! Only $3.99.