Saturday, May 31, 2014

Free Run on Amazon!

Hey there, sistahs!

Just wanted to let you all know: Kari Okay begins a long-awaited FREE run starting today on, and running through Wednesday, May 4!

If you haven't gotten a copy before this, get yours now! Once it's over, it won't be free again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kari Okay Countdown almost half over!

Hey there, sistahs!

Just wanted to remind you all that the Kindle Countdown promotion on Kari Okay is already halfway over!

The book started out the Countdown sale at $0.99, stopped at $1.99, and is now back up to $2.99 with less than 20 hours left at that price before it leaps up another buck to $3.99.

Remember, this is a 55K-plus word novel and normally retails for $4.99 USD, so don't hesitate; buy your copy while the price lasts because once it's back at $4.99, it'll be staying there for a while.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

KARI OKAY to enjoy a discount on Amazon!

Hey, my sistahs!

Kari Okay, my first-ever non-erotica New Adult Suspense novel, has been out for a while now, but things are about to get crazy-serious with it.

First of all, on, the novel, normally priced at $4.99 USD, will enjoy a week-long run on what's called a Countdown Promotion.

What that means to you is this: Starting Friday, February 28, the eBook for Kari Okay will be discounted to only $0.99! But don't wait too long to One-Click, because 36 hours into the promotion, it'll go up a step to $1.99. Then $2.99 another 36 hours after that, then $3.99, until the promotion is over.

What that means is, the quicker you One-Click, the less you pay! This special promotion runs from February 28 through March 6, so make sure you take advantage because after that, it'll be back to $4.99

In other Kari Okay news, I'll soon be unveiling it as my first-ever book available... in print! So watch this space for that announcement, once the book is completely ready.

And Kari Okay will become available in markets beyond Amazon later this year, so if you're a fan of Nook, Kobo, Google Play, or wherever, keep watching this space.

Speaking of Google Play, my first five titles are now live there for the first time ever. That means Bliss Kiss, Beyond Bliss Kiss, Pure Bliss, Steamy Bliss, and the collection, College Bliss, are now all available to Android-lovers worldwide!

Look for the rest of my library, coming to Google Play Books soon.

And thanks for the loyalty, sistahs. I have more erotic and non-erotic tales in the works. This is shaping up to be a good year to be a Sarah Salari fan!