Monday, May 13, 2013

Are you ready for something new?

Hey all, it's me, Sarah.

I've been a busy little bee the past few months, but I'm finally getting close to publishing something new. Are you ready for something new?

I really hope so.

I know it's been a long time, and it's almost like we never see each other anymore. But I promise, the wait is gonna be worth it.

My next release, if it proves popular, will become the launching point for one of two all-new series I've been working on.

Want a tease?


The first book you'll be seeing from me... sooner than maybe you think... is going to be a wonderful historical tale with a twist!

The twist is that it's actually some time-travel science fiction! And because it's me, you know that there will be some sexy girl-girl hijinks going on.

How's it different from my Bliss series?

Well, the time-travel stuff is different. And each book will take place in a new era, where you'll get a very Sarah Salari take on the past, and maybe even the future.

But there will be a series character and it will not involve Jaz, star of the Bliss books. This is someone new. Someone different. Someone with her own story to be told.

And the other thing that's different about it is that there's gonna be more of an adventure plot to this series. Sure, there will be erotic good times to be had, but there's also going to be a colorful cast of characters to meet in each time period, a recurring cast, evil baddies to be fought... so plenty of adventure, and not just the between the sheets kind.

If you like stuff like Doctor Who or Quantum Leap, but wish those shows were sexier, you'll like this series.

It's a bold new direction for me, and if you trust me I'm hoping you'll find the reading deeper and more satisfying, yet just as fun-in-a-naughty-sort-of-way as always. Call it a Lesventure tale!

And later this year, I hope to also find time to launch my second series, which mixes the familiar erotic lesbian fun with ... crime fiction with a sense of humor.

Oh, gals, I wish I could tell you more about both series, but it's still a bit early. All I can suggest is that you stick around and look for new title reveals, cover reveals, and publication announcements, because 2013 is soon gonna be known as the summer of Sarah Salari! (Or at least the summer of my big comeback!)