Thursday, November 24, 2011


The cover for THANKSGIVING BLISS uses a photo
© Zdenka Darula - licensed through
Cover design by Sarah Salari.
Well, here it is, my lovelies. The cover for THANKSGIVING BLISS, the first release under my new series starring BLISS KISS protagonist, Jaz Jimínez. The seduced becomes a seducer as Jaz celebrates Thanksgiving in a way you'll never forget - by seducing the sexy but shy Gayle Standish.

This Holiday Seduction is complete in this one volume, but will be followed by other seductions in the series. Written in the same slow-build, erotic romance style as VIRGIN BLISS, Amazon Top 20 Erotica author Sarah Salari returns with her latest seductive tale of two girls in lust.

Look for THANKSGIVING BLISS exclusively on Amazon! Only $3.99.

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Series Coming!

Hey there, my dear readers.

So, you've finally found me. Here I am. It's just us. You've gotten to know me through BLISS KISS. Maybe you've picked up one of the other installments, or the complete collection, VIRGIN BLISS.

But you're hungry for more, you say? Not to worry. The original BLISS KISS storyline may be over, but the adventures of sexy Jaz Jiminez are about to continue, in an all-new series.

A year has passed. Jaz's roommate, Kara, has left Utah State for the warmer climate of California, and Jaz finds herself alone and without a lover. But that won't last for long.

Join Jaz as the seduced become the seducer. Beginning with THANKSGIVING BLISS, we're kicking off a new series called Jaz's Holiday Seductions.

For most people, the holidays are a time for celebration, family, togetherness and love. And for Jaz, the emphasis is definitely on the latter.

Unlike the original storyline, Jaz' Holiday Seductions will be complete, standalone stories. No continued storylines; no coitus interrupt-us. Each Holiday Seduction will feature a new seduction that reaches its ... climax ... in a single volume. Some seductions will be a bit longer; some will be a bit shorter.

But none of them will be anything you're likely to forget. The emphasis for this new Jaz Jiminez series is on seduction; it's more erotic romance than pure naughtiness. So if that's your thing ... the Jaz Jiminez Holiday Seductions series is for you.

Jaz will be on the prowl, searching for love (or something like it) in "all the wrong places" ... and a few right ones. She'll celebrate at least 18 American cultural and religious holidays everyone loves, in a new and exciting way you'll never forget.

No one wants to be alone on the holidays; Jaz Jiminez will prove just what lengths she'll go to in order to avoid exactly that fate.

Look for the first installment, THANKSGIVING BLISS, coming soon! Details will be announced here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cover Reveal: VIRGIN BLISS

The cover for VIRGIN BLISS uses a photo
© detailblick - licensed through
Cover design by Sarah Salari.

I am pleased to reveal the eBook cover that will be gracing VIRGIN BLISS: The Adventures of Jaz Jimínez, Parts 1-4, which will be released soon.

VIRGIN BLISS collects all four Jaz adventures into a novella-length collection, at a lower price than you'd pay for buying each installment separately. It includes the complete text of BLISS KISS, BEYOND BLISS KISS, PURE BLISS and STEAMY BLISS.

Look for VIRGIN BLISS, coming soon!

Cover Reveal: Steamy Bliss

The cover for STEAMY BLISS uses a photo
© detailblick - licensed through
Cover design by Sarah Salari.

I am pleased to reveal the eBook cover that will be gracing STEAMY BLISS: The Adventures of Jaz Jimínez, Part 4, which will be released soon.

STEAMY BLISS is the last installment in the current story cycle for Jaz. I'll be starting a new set of adventures for her soon, though, with details to be announced here. In the meantime, look for STEAMY BLISS, coming soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why the paint?

That's the question I get asked most often after people have read one of my books.

Not about the story. Not about Jaz's slow coming-out-of-her-shell personality. Not what made Kara so bold and daring. Not about what draws Kara to Jaz, or Jaz to Kara.

I get asked about the paint.

Hey, we all have kinks, right? Some milder than others. Others wilder than some.

The covers for my books so far are attributable to a photographer I only know as Detailblick and licensed through Fotolia. What inspired him, I can't say. Because we've never met.

As for me?

Well, that's easier to explain.

To little ol' Sarah here, girls are beautiful. One of the most beautiful parts of the world. And while I'm definitely talking about physical beauty, it's not just that.

Girls, women, chicks, whatever you want to call us... I see them (and myself) as beautiful inside and out. Far more interesting and intelligent and colorful and entrancing and sexy and complex and maddening and joyful and wonderful than even the nicest guy you'll ever want to meet.

The paint these women wear in my covers? It just emphasizes the hidden beauty I see in all women. All of us. It brings it a bit to the surface. Shows off what makes us special, unique, phenomenal, and one-of-a-kind.

That's what it means. That's all it means. Plus... it just gets me hot and steamy in all the right places. Know what I'm saying? I'm sure you do.

Will I always have paint-splattered women on my book covers? Probably not. Detailblick, bless him (or her), only did a precious few photos with these models. And nothing like it since.

So eventually, probably after book four is out, I'll have to change it up. I'll need to find a new photographer's work to license and use on my covers. A new kink to show off.

But we'll always have these first four books, and the beautiful models that appear on them. That's enough to last a lifetime, don't you think?