Monday, January 20, 2014

Kari Okay: An Amazon-Exclusive (for now)....

Hey there sistahs!

I'm pleased to announce KARI OKAY is now available, at least on the US site so far, on, where it will be an Amazon exclusive through March at least. Like my other books, it will make its way out to other sites as well, later this year. I'll let you know when.

The cover to Kari Okay is designed by Sarah Salari. It contains visual elements originally found in photos © Igor Normann, dundanim, and SUDIO 1ONE—Licensed through It also contains elements from a photo © Onemannbrand—Licensed through
When her new boyfriend dragged her to a karaoke bar, the best Kari hoped for was to make a new friend or two and maybe sing a song. She never expected to get involved in a singing competition, or to meet the mysterious, somehow alluring, Shyla, or the dark turn the night, her boyfriend, and her life, would take that evening after the music died down. Kari Okay is a story of survival, suspense, and social satire that makes for a compelling, page-turning tale. 

Warning: This title contains a dramatic rape scene some readers may find disturbing. Please take this note of caution seriously. 

Kari Okay runs approximately 54,200 words in length. While it is the first mainstream novel by popular Amazon erotica author Sarah Salari, Kari Okay is not a work of erotica.

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